take your time

Youngsters have faint ideas about old. Especially as long ago as in 1958. But the oldsters certainly have secret thoughts how to be young ... & hip ( like those new balance shoes ya know )
and hitting 100 before 2010.

So to bridge the generation gap , the best thing was to go in-between , to bring the old to the young , or shall we say the young to the old.

Something like this , where ... in the beginning there was black coffee

with the bizarre transformation ... about complete in 2009
becoming white ( as you can see ... in the above )

as the elderly wise will say , well ...
got the right aged ambience onot ?

and mixed-up like these can onot ?
sure the underaged wannab adults can accept ah ?

guess we have to wait for the future to find out
but remember ...take your time

old town white coffee
start at Ipoh old town
then oldling across Malaysia new towns

NB: old town white coffee is a modern Malaysian restaurant chain inspired
by the nostalgic Chinese coffee shop / kopitiam era of the 1950s
and serves mainly Malaysian/Ipoh favorites such as the
"white" coffee , toasted breads , noodles & rice

and is today one of the fastest growing
food franchised chains in the country

The vibrant chain is a refreshing development in the local F & B scene
and may just be the much needed catalyst for a resurgence of
the Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit so lacking from
a nation which prides itself as a world class
gastronomical center

It has also inadvertently become a showpiece of Burmese immigrant labor
and the butt of many bad jokes about mis/under communication

... so beware when you place your orders for
that egg , that bread
& this rice
team bsg


Ciki said…
this plc is springing up like mushrooms! i myself prefer not to eat here..lol.. coffee boleh la..
Anonymous said…
but good thing they're coming out with breakfast and lunch sets, at least the price is reasonable for a simple breakfast with wifi/papers.
UnkaLeong said…
we prefer papa rich. no miscommunication in orders.
Kenny Mah said…
"It has also inadvertently become a showpiece of Burmese immigrant labor
and the butt of many bad jokes about mis/under communication"

True, that. And not so funny for us poor customers.

Am with Unkaleong on this. Devil and I ate at PappaRich twice and the food (while still mediocre) + service is far better than Old Town lah.

But what to do? Convenient ma. They are EVERYWHERE. :P
Selba said…
Looks a good place :)
qwazymonkey said…
I'm on team pappa rich too. Wonder if Aik Cheong's ever gonna open a chain themselves, then I might just switch camps
its perfectly true , we sometimes drop by for the wifi and generally neat place , but not the food ( if we can help it )

they are decent for a small chat or catching up with strangers

we had 3 out of 3 pleasant experiences in Papa Rich !
the staff are discreet and smiles a lot

old town has their strengths one of which is good location and nice decor but Papa has better food

it is comfortable

trouble is when they open more , manpower/food/financial controls and consistency becomes a Big problem unlike the one man show
Tummythoz said…
Seems like more r into papa rich now..
Hazza said…
I have resisted eating there during my last few visits. It just does not look like the real thing.
Papa rich has set a higher standard , for now

in fact the older generation shuns these type of hip joints as wasting $$$