its way past midnight , babe

While rushing thru we saw the bright glow with onlookers
then stopped to ask

"molow" ( boliau / finito) ...
come back in 20 minutes she advised

4 the fiery Big Bold Oven can only take so much

we were lucky ... 10 of each of the 2 rare distorted artifacts
were indeed given to us for our great patience ... & loyalty
... in a mere 18 minutes !

the cool mother & son reunion
pressing , shoving ... sticking

kong piang /gong pian
"critically endangered species "- bsg Geographic (2010 edition)
RM1.10 (b) RM0.70 (s)
( opposite Kg Koh Police Station )

Kg Koh

11pm till 2 am
6am to 9am


Big Boys Oven said…
this is exciting findings to share. I notice the odd hours opening, why?
worldwindows said…
Authentic cottage industry!
Gimme gimme Gong Pian!! However am I going to make it to Sitiawan under those hours to witness Mother & Son in action??
J2Kfm said…
LOL. notice how you superimposed the gong pian into the 2nd pic, like as if she's really throwing such a gigantic one into the basket.

kg koh police station ... hmmm .... near the wet market there? or near the maybank there?
CUMI & CIKI said…
didju superimpose the PIANG??!
NyonyaChef said…
Please bring back some Kong Piang,...the original one !
holy mother of god!
It is that BIG?
Keropok Man said…
At Kampung Koh!
That's where the famous Kg Koh chilli sauce is from right?

I used to have that chilli sauce in our house!
seems the other Sitiawan bakers shine in the day so these 2 decided to differentiate by nightfall , then rest a while then fire again to catch the breakfast crowd-strange huh ? But they r da best in Sitiawan


R U ready ?

MBB row , nearer ACS
Top ranked Sitiawan

c & c
we did , babe

sure ! with wine we hope

we will show you , dear

The same village of wooden shops , come Kwik ...