lok loking in ttdi plaza

After a smashing tale of the smellies , the salties and the sweeties and a reunion of a long lost perfume , we were ready for the mother of all raw meats and veges.

... right outside in da backlanes near da backStreets. where the vans are ... & by golly there were many of them !

smelly salty sweet senoritas

raw n poked (to perfection)

of course it was a night to remember
there were just so many divine triple S

tao "filipina" modesto
perfume "china" 3
steaming hot lok lok ( smelly ... salty ... sweet )
ttdi Plaza , taman tun Kuala Lumpur


Kenny Mah said…
"Raw and poked"? Oh boy. :)
NyonyaChef said…
Imagine when you are half drunk and this dinner is always right in front of you,...so convenient, right?

Where to find such place! Only in ttdi....
minchow said…
Lok lok post drinking is best!! I think there used to be one on Jln P Ramlee... and pretty sure there's a late night one now in Hartamas too! My picks would be quail eggs, quail eggs and more quail eggs! :-D
Anonymous said…
i tend to turn away from lok lok though. not very pleasant when sharing the same containers of sauce with strangers who bite once, dip again, bite again ....
msihua said…
It's amazing how I've NEVER in my life had lok-lok!!!

But I share the same fears with strangers double dipping! Builts immunity I guess...
u mean sensuous sharp sensations hehe

bring her here next!

must come experience this one ! A fitting raw steam!

right, many ppl r repulsed yet many more cannot resist .

definitely bsg hv immunity with these but not those exotikas inside tao, lol!
Ciki said…
ppl say lok lok is dirty.. but i dont care.. i LOVE it! especially after clubbing;)
c n c
u da best,anystreet ! Cheers !
Rebecca Saw said…
So healthy horrr? Boiled and without MSG! ;p
k.t.x said…
i hd lok2 here b4! it's my virgin score after my last lok2 like, 25 years ago?

foodbin said…
i had my lok lok at Sri Petaling
here people eat like animals. We remembered there was a time in Bangsar Telawi Sundays where many big strange ladies ( Malay , Nigerian , Chekslovaks , et el ) gusto gulped the sticks with lost small boyfriends in tow

make sure the next time you skim by KL , drop us your schedule ... we might just have to come here again for the dark gorgeous pinas and da dragon women

lok lok is now everywhere, fat man , fatboy , swallow , blue birds etc etc soon , Fat girl & small man