keeping it clean

Occasionally , when the fragrance is strong ...& da spirit is high ... we will curve our way in and end up in omg wats that ? !

an expensive place where people wash golden beers in public

isn't she just marvellous!

we never expected the drizzle & were already wet before she came

the 3 + 1 of us had some powerful detergents and a great chat
about the what might have beens ... & what 2moro will bring etc

remarkably ... even in this wet zone
the food ( also got one ) was kept carefully dry
& kinda sober

while the pizza was as flat as the plate it came in

still ... the quick down was clean fun & really up

the Laundry
the Curve
Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya


NyonyaChef said…
Don't remember seeing the Carlsberg girl !
Selba said…
thin crust pizza? yummmm... love it!
minchow said…
Hmmm I've not had a single good experience at Laundry. I shall refrain from commenting further but let's say I much more enjoy attending to real laundry than hanging out here!
worldwindows said…
The Laundry? What a name?
Anonymous said…
sober? hahahah ... looks so much like sombre only.
definitely a place for drinks, not food.
how to when there's another sweeter one right beside ?

thin pizza ? yeah its crispy

haha , nowsadays they will call anything everything ! but the real thing

its a big pub & bistro filled with hip waiters and waitresses ( with poor service which need to be cleaned )

indeed , it has bland food and while we were there a lacklustre attitude ( unless you are some sweeties )
k.t.x said…
lol. nothing beats BKK my dear olde friend.