Johnny comes hardly

or hardly comes ... whatever

People say its not easy to open a cafe , unless you are old town white coffee. Maybe making coffee in an old town is easy. Or issit ? Must it really be white ?

Also people say it it not easy to make a good assam laksa ...
... whether old or new .

this uncle tried tho to make the
best laksa in town , made at home
he said it on the table , in full colors !

we all know the result
dun we ?

of course you people are right
his best is not good enough
why ... even the nearby pasar malam one beats him by a mile

Uncle John
Jalan Lumut ( near James Cendol )


foodbin said…
looks mouthwatering.
Kenny Mah said…
Aiyo who's next? Uncle Johan? Uncle James? LOL

So many kopitiam franchises, so few good ones... :)
Big Boys Oven said…
walio like that also can?
thats where the important taste fails !

its the people , man ! The other day we were at old town WC and the alien waiter brought us doubles and the senior had a sour face , like we couldn't communicate and troublesome idiots

there are of course more bad than good
Rebecca Saw said…
its all for commercialization...