day home made night roadside sell

Maybe that is better. The quality should be more consistent. We think so too.

Even tho he bought the secret recipe from one who bought from another.

its cool but hot

RM4 something some-more not nice to look at

still ... eatis the 3rd best in Petaling Jaya


J2Kfm said…
the laksa looks kinda watery, to be rated 3rd in PJ.
if bring over to Penang? :)

btw, pls update my link, thanks.
allie said…
I'm with J2Kfm, the laksa looks too watery.. not appetizing at all . .:P
guess i'm spoil by laksa choices at PG.
Kenny Mah said…
They say it's all in the taste. Er, but, if look nicer also easier to swallow rite? :P
of course Penang has many stalls that will beat him !
new .com Links will be adjusted,tks

Penang surely has better choices !

for us looks are terribly important ...shows deep care/sensitivity for a start
Anonymous said…
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