best kopitiam

After years of eating here and there in Petaling Jaya
& successfully putting on tons of succulent lean fats ...
... we have the final results

de best Penang prawn mee outside Penang
best kopitiam PJ

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kedai makanan O & S
Paramount Gardens
Petaling Jaya


ling239 said…
fully agree!!!
every thing is good there... the curry mee, assam laksa, fried koay teow etc etc ^O^
Kenny Mah said…
OMG. OMG. What are the chances of...

My two colleagues and I finished a meeting at UTAR, JayaOne today and since we were all non-Muslim and not fasting, we decided to go here for lunch. Guess what we ate?

Exactly what ling239 mentioned in the comment above: curry mee, assam laksa and fried kway teow!! (I had the fried kway teow, btw. So good.)
qwazymonkey said…
OMG, this is in my neighbourhood! I've been eating here since I was 3years old. Wonderful memories and the food here is still great after all these years. I think I've learned to eat good food from here. I still call it by its old name, "teck seng" for some reason.

The bosses, who are family friends, actually QC the stores before inviting them to run their business in the store... hence the consistent good food. Gotta love their business strategy.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow I love this busy place, had been eating here for ages! ;)
Big Boys Oven said…
wow I love this busy place, had been eating here for ages! ;)
minchow said…
Ahh this area is definitely under-explored for me! If it's got your "best outside Penang" stamp, it deserves an immediate visit! Been feeling more than a little homesick!
foodbin said…
one vote for best kopitiam in PJ.
J said…
Definately the best! :)
(And can tell from how jam packed it is most of the time)
worldwindows said…
I seem to be missing this out!
perfect !see below

wow , talk about extra sensory perception with ling239 !
From UTAR 2 Jaya 1 to perfection !
we shud have a revisit with 1 ,2 & 3

you must be 1 heck of a monkey to be the most experienced with all things O & S ! We know his brother too as a business ( Caltex ) associate. Tks for your feedback/info

another super old fan of the great O & S !

this is de place for many Pgnites

that makes 5

we are either here before 8 or after 7

then its a new taste to you !