what she had before lunch

She's a first year Sejarah Dunia student at the University nearby. Like most of her coursemates , she eats out often and frequents the nearest warung for her quick fix like the one here beside Brothers ( car accessories ) Kelana Jaya for example.

Not kick ass ... 2 dye 4 or divine heavenly, like those in Kg Baru KL, near the Police Station Jln Raja Abdullah , around Jln Conlay ... or behind the Agong's Palace.

Just something e c before the midday break. Something which can affordla without burning a lobang.

oi ... got no ikan bilis no cucumber no peanuts one ah ? how can

this can't be fried to perfection canit ?
but never mind

un-perfect eggs ... manabolih
but thats ok


Kenny Mah said…
Well, it's affordable... so one can't help faulting it for not being perfect, rite? :P
msihua said…
This is a really funny post.. tee hee....

Sigh... sometimes... cheap doesn't have to be bad...
Big Boys Oven said…
OMG! this so hilarious!
Rebecca Saw said…
hahah..for students mahhh
minchow said…
No peanuts or ikan bilis?!! Preposterous!
worldwindows said…
Peanuts and ikan bilis blended into sambal?
thats right , as they say you get what you pay !

sometimes , yes indeed...

we infact love to make fun of high class prices

students matinee , right

and it costed RM1.20

no we dun see that