up !

the Disney movie .

Delightful tale of a worn out stoneface old man of few words ...
... in search of Paradise.

Dismissed as a stubborn eccentric loner , and totally fed up of abysmally failing her late wife's dream of having their house on top of Paradise Falls ... he single handedly took of with his ageing cottage into the air with some balloons ...

and the rest is a Pixar-Disney 2009 megahit !

a love story to break your heart !

a parenting guide par excellence !

a touching love story of a dreamy childless couple

a vivid mis-adventure into the wilds of South America ...
with a green horn 8 year old stowaway wilderness intern who never gives up

hyper active Kid & unsmiling old man
with loyal friends Kevin & Dog

the mis-understood gentleman hero
turned mad vengeful villian

now in cinemas
catch it soon before it comes ... err
a bsg
3.3 stars of 5


Big Boys Oven said…
definitely be meeting them for a date this week!
Kenny Mah said…
"catch it soon before it comes ... err

LOL. Will do, sir, will do. :)
One fine day the pro-bakers and the gluttons shall meet in da state of the art 3D Screen cinemas

they are fast you know