the unsolved mystery

He is a hot fishy star . People swarm around him like the celebrity they wished they could be.
Photographers shoot him from all angles. For that perfect shot that will make herself famous. The place is smelly . And damn hot. Crowded like hell you can hardly move.

Horror of horrors , it is just beside the messy market and also beside the narrow broken drain. of course there is the (un)bearable stench !

People say they are here because they must be here. A sort of Mecca . A trip in a lifetime lah.

So what is it ? Is it the Chinese Temple nearby ? Is there any controversy this time around ? or even a conspiracy perhaps ? Or the lure of the tambun biscuits yonder ?

Lets see.

A bsg has been sighted ! That means food !

In the backlanes !

he da Man ...
fast & furious (Part 8)

first a drink or 2 while you wait for
your turn to enter heaven
that will be about 30 minutes , Ms

fretting is not encouraged

here it is
the thousand hits or 2 a day living legend
now into its 56th mystifying year

Air Itam Laksa RM2.70
Air Hitam
Penang Island


worldwindows said…
I like the subtle taste. Take it slow and enjoy or it will go to waste. Different compare with that in KL.
J2Kfm said…
56 yrs already?!! 1st gen or 2nd gen?
that man sure can cook up a storm of a laksa ...
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I love this laksa. The fried popiah next door is also pretty good. I usually order a few to eat with the laksa!
Ciki said…
messy market and smelly drains.. hmmm, i didnt think id say this but.. the BEST! wait till u see my next post - also very dirty but the food is shiok!
foodbin said…
i like it, too.
Unknown said…
i ate here before!
i love it!

in fact, i think i had more than 1 bowl!

i remember, the uncle went to the back and took out a whole container of the fish, and let us try it! the fish that has yet to become the laksa sauce. :-p

don't ask me why he took it out to let us try. hehe.. maybe he like us. LOL...
ck lam said…
This is the place to be for a good bowl of laksa in town.
minchow said…
I'm amazed - 56 years of pungent loveliness... older, wiser and almost as stinky as our country's independence, teehee! A most apt Merdeka post!
~Christine~Leng said…
ooo... i tried the one in balik pulau last time. shud try this one then :) yumz
Selba said…
*drool... drool... droll...* Bring me there!!! :D
Big Boys Oven said…
OMG! what a greatstory you are, short and accurate, love your sense of humour on this one! you got me! :)
probably also one of a few to offer salt to taste , and the fastest bowl to bowl output

3rd and still pushing the limits. a single noodle dish record holder

we have not tried this next stall one one , being overwhelmed by the King !

c & c
so smelly is best ? dirty is shiok !

he is pretty generous with vege garnishings and the mints

you surely must have da looks to go round being offered extras from da back !

some say Balik Pulau some say Penang road , but he is the greatest !

but the trouble is , no Malays dare to step foot here ... so much for 1Malaysia and performance NOW ... OMG !

Balik Pulau is also very good but the distance ...

we will , its the no 1 most famous noodle dish in Penang , and the most famous assam laksa in all of Malaysia !

we love da backlanes and the dirt
HairyBerry said…
we should start a world heritage taste. and begin with this delicious bowl of assam laksa!
thats a wonderful idea !
do round up da guys & da gals for patriotic duty ! bsg stby
Rebecca Saw said…
LOL..all tht stories of him adding toilet paper to thicken his soup sure aint getting ppl to stay awy!
But then again, who can vouch for such stories!