the ulu yam legend

once upon a time many years ago
there lived a man and his family

in the woods far far away
being illustrious and always hungry he concocted a noodle dish firm and strong ... and sour , to last longer

Today the big brown brew still attracts people from far away.

Even from the evil mountains high above

and the blue oceans from a distance

why , after all ... its the long firm noodles of great prosperity

as long as you stir it tenderly & completely ( lor mee ) before eating it

come soon before the fading legend becomes ... err

...just another legend

Hulu Yam Lama
off Batang Kali

below Genting Highlands in wonderland
far far way from Kuala Lumpur


Selba said…
The brown sauce with noodles look like lo mie to me :)
Big Boys Oven said…
oh must try but till what time argh?
Rebecca Saw said…
oohhh...the famous ulu yam noodles!! *droolz*
minchow said…
What are those crisy fish cake-like thingy on the side? Man I need some breakfast and I'm VERY far away from Ulu Yam :-(
it is ! and famous even in KL and beyond

everyday also got , its his house lah

now a bit slow already , since new highway obscured him

those are the fried sato fish cakes ( whatever that might be !)