truly , madly ... deeply

... dripping hot

stalky slanted green

dark ... damp

tight ... crowded

brilliant white

a savage garden klassik

of veiny banana leaf rice
& alluring green packets of pinky pink
oozing pungent colorless fluids

carbolets & ferns
in burning sour lemony chilis

time for the feed !
O laksa

mama mia !

Ijok , Selangor


Selba said…
Food looks good... eh, I think there's a post in BSG before also using this title "truly, madly, deeply", no? :P
Big boys Oven said…
this is something sounds interesting! :)
Ciki said…
veiny and oozing..? first time i hear food described like a sore! haha:P
Bangsar-bAbE said…
When are we going there? =)
worldwindows said…
I am not sure I was attracted to Ijok or the food!
HairyBerry said…
hot. damp. tight. orgasmic!
wmw said…
Poetic as usual :o) hahaha....Great find in Ijok (not only for beggar chicken leh...).
no, this is the first time, maybe you saw the other love theme of the other woman

the mama's interesting and far away

its like that with more on the way...first time mysteries lurk in many dark corners...waiting for the unleash

the guys are getting ready
TQ !

Ijok is famous for the name (only)
LOL ! sounds like its a joke...

dun you just love them !
so homely

nice to see you again,all da way from S Francisco. Got bring back some Frisco Burgers onot ?