spinning chick

33 years old and still making the young men (bsg) crazy

poised for the action

omg ! evil meat balls !

till death-do-us-part whitest Duo
smoothest thigh RM4 & fattest sprouts RM1.50
a top 3 chicken parlor , PJ

use your mouth ( errr ...mouse ) to find her below


msihua said…
Damn this place looks familiar... considering my Dad used to live near the 24 hours A&W... and we stayed around Gasing a while...

Damns... it's like a bad itch.. i can't remember... Grrrrr
Big Boys Oven said…
hahahah this must be the one along jalan gasing!
J2Kfm said…
is this the one with a branch at Midvalley's?
Rebecca Saw said…
Top 3? Wht abt the one at the corner?
Ciki said…
still one of my favs.. and whats more so clean now!
J said…
Why are the meatballs considered evil? :)
worldwindows said…
I used to see 2 huge transparent plastic bags of taugeh early in the morning in years past. Reputedly dropped there by taxis from Ipoh.
its just opposite the epf building and beside the church

those days the notorious Ipoh chicks just came to town

it may be but we have never been to this one in Mid Valley, neither have heard of it so far, tho Nam heong is there

satellite is but a pale shadow of this one though both are in Gasing if you talk about crowds and range of food, and its not Ipoh chickens !
They are more sober and slow while the chicks lacks a distinct wow factor so they are onky in the Top 20

cumi ciki
seems they have made a strong attempt to rejuvenate after some dry spells and its now showing

only in Malaysia and H1N1

their beansprouts are still the ones to beat, and fattest/ crunchiest so far