should you get a netbook ?

The mini notebook or netbook is a relatively new kind of personal computer that you may be a little familiar with. It all started with Asus and their magnificent Eee Pc which took the world by tsunami-storm !

So what exactly is a netbook ? It’s smaller and lighter than a laptop, but not smallish like the size of your fav hand held device like a Nokia E something , mad2 iPhone or other Sony-E SmartPhone. It has a LCD screen size typically of 10 inches , 90% sized keyboard compared to a laptop, weighs less than 1.3 kg ; with some as little as 1 kg ! And their dimensions are like, well, a notebook, but a mini notebook , albeit with slightly underpowered internal organs ( atom N270 ) .

They can do a lot of the basics, ( like displaying awesome food pics , above ) but don’t come with a lot of unnecessary & useless software. You will probably be surfing the internet, downloading and listening to music or watching blue videos or , more importantly ... updating your kick-ass food blog on da move ...

Because these little wonder machines don’t have extra, unnecessary stuff loaded , and because the advancement of technology is so amazing, their prices are attractive. You can find many of these for around RM1300, and if you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can probably find something in the neighborhood of RM1000 !

With such a low price point and easy portability, mini laptops are a great solution for a lot of different consumers. For instance, food adventurers ( aka BSG ) who don’t want to lug around more than they need because they’ll just be surfing, reading (or watching/listening) and maybe uploading photos of that sweetest flower girl.

Think Acer aspire one or maybe Asus 1001HA , 2 of the better selling netbook models in the Malaysian market today which we have tested to be highly mobile and practical !

Be very aware though , prices are crashing !... even as we write the wake of the menacing newer , slicker , bustier models looming on the horizon such as those 11.6 inch and 12 inch everlasting voluptuous bombs from Acer (1810T) Lenovo (S12) , Samsung NC20 etc

So .....

not now, darlin'


Selba said…
Just 2 months ago, I was actually pretty tempted to buy a netbook but then, at the end, I ended up buying a desktop again, hehehe...
Big Boys Oven said…
oh yes I want a small one, comes very handy!
foodbin said…
i have one-very mobile.
a desktop is best for work while a netbook serves the function of mobility and convenience , but only up to the point of being an additional toolnot replacing a proper desktop !
So you have not lost out on anything...yet

we are waiting for the ultimate netbook( means still dreaming )

they are excellent companion for travellers who cannot be out of touch