one man 1 woman

Maybe that's all you really need.

In these troubled times of spiralling wages and lacklustre imported manpower. Get those 2 recipes and save up to buy a 2nd hand small van. Enough to carry some pots and pans. Move to da City & find a smelly backlane outside the crowded stenchy market , near the most feared corner called the fat meat alley. Bring some cheap collapsible plastic chairs and tables and that's it.

Let the stinking aroma do the talking.

safely parked in the choice spot
all of 20 odd years undisturbed

there's none like it
after 20 over years the rest is his(her)-story
Seapark market , Petaling Jaya

best assam laksa PJ/KL
a bsg mega-award winner since the 90s


Rebecca Saw said…
this one's legendary alrite!
minchow said…
Nothing like pungent broth and a round of rainbow-inspired snooker to while away a sleepy PJ afternoon!
Selba said…
yummmm... I want a bowl!
whereas the SS2(Mon) SS4(Wed)new fella with the old recipe has a sweeter taste , this one has a more pleasant lingering biting lemongrassy kantany hangover on the tongue, and much faster service !

while some , like some cafes & the SS17 Decanter have gorgeous rich textures and almighty colors , this one is straight to the point , a backstreet Royal Flush

on your 3rd day here in KL , thats right !