night out

The pretty girl came !

and so we reminisced about da what might / could have! been

U know 'bout yesterday. that last time...

Over de unique tastes of rare nyonya delicacies ,
lovingly brought down for da special occassion

with fantastic company...time flies

Riana Green, Petaling Jaya

the promise of tomorrow begins tonight

tks chef and J

see ya again , soon !


J said…
Prettyholic? Pretty girl??

*composes self*
Anyway, thanks for the invite - the kerabu beehoon and lobak were dangerously delicious. :)
(Seeing as I ate 3 servings)

And sorry I missed out on the perut ikan all those years ago.
It was perfect having you here !
Fast & sweet !

Feels like a dream...
Ciki said…
oh no! wail..! sorry i missed it.. :( next time !
you owe us many many wines & 1 pasta
J said…
to ciki:
Well, that left more yummy kerabu beehoon and lobak for me!