Ladies... are you looking for a sweet man ?

go !

its here !

Its damn sweet

You want it green ... or yellow ?

its so easy to find ( go down a bit... )

see the stunning gorgeous orange ?

so dangerously licking good !

absolutely delicious
the backStreet champions , at your service

cheap & really good ! ( if you know where to find us)


J said…
Looks good. Where did you buy it from? :)
minchow said…
Wahhhh how did dear Sweet Man get such a close shave? Do you have a special mango peeler that I haven't added to my humble kitchen tool collection??
foodbin said…
i bought mine from JUSCO-not so sweet lah.
Selba said…
Love mango!!!
it was from a moody mango tree that we know dearly which only bears 1 or 2 ( nearly 1 kg ) a month. So its really precious ! 15 Aug might have to be pushed back , sorry will KIT

weighs 900g so no joke !

our pleasure to peel when U r ready...tq

commercially only those from Thailand ( India too ) are excellent, but you must try first since aroma may be misleading

we too !
choi yen said…
I want to finish it all by my own!!!