move over old town

When papa comes home in a rush you know something's not right.

like how he had to improve the menu to a super-glossy finish,
stunning even the backstreetboys

turned everything white into green , brown & black except the table top

gave all da ladies a santa maria look

... and ...the rest is

the incredible classy menu
with pics much better then bsg

breads all over
we thought it was a new bakery

fantastic finger food

even got steamed bread light as a feather
& curry sending santany waves right up to Kampar & beyond

of course the coffee is black

as it should be

papa rich
in da Klang Valley

a bsg best New Old Kopitiam 2009


msihua said…
Oh god.. the curry and bread looks so droolicious!!

The Old Town here in Melbourne isn't nice at all... sigh..
Big boys Oven said…
the bread looks good!
Rebecca Saw said…
And I totally agree again!!
Was there on Sun, my BIG menu. glossy pics and new items too!
Their food totally beat 'em old town Flat!! (tho of course their CKT, NL and chendol stil nd improvement)
But soya chendol w gula melaka..oooooh ...;p
J2Kfm said…
agreed with TNG. had the soya with gula melaka, and what a killer!
though slightly more exp than the average kopitiams.
Michelle said…
like the fact that they have nice hot desserts ie. glutionous rice ball in soya etc.. no need anything icey for night drinking session.. haha..
Unknown said…
oh the roti roti.

i like the name of the place. LOL!
so far Papa Rich is getting it all right ! Excellent try at Malaysian favourites , some as good as the original. Old town might be over opening

its rare for a cafe to indulge in steamed bread but they have it !

they might secretly have a star studded Malaysian Food Blogger with the taste behind them ...

they seem to have a pretty uniform std as we have visited them in USj Taipan 3X, Sunway Pyramid 1X , Dmansara Utama 1X and all have a smiling great team.

they are almost a complete Malaysian popular hits cafe

at the rate they are going , probably we shall have to call them Super Papa !