magical noodles in bright darkness

When the sun sets & the night falls ... the full time gluttons are drawn like starving wingless moths to the bright corner shoplots with da biting aroma of forbidden oil and deadly meat..

hail the wondafull smokey shows , beginning every dusk till midnight + 2 !

and the really b c cooks... burning and woking
at your command

the real time gluttons at work on a balmy Monday night

fukien chow
fukien meen
hokkian mee
hokkian cha
tai lok meen
black mee


tigerfish said…
Camouflage noodles!
msihua said…
ooohhh yummy yummy yummy.... did it have a lot of fried pork lard??? YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J said…
Yum! - Hokkien Mee... One of the ultimate yummy but sinful dishes. :D
Big Boys Oven said…
wow so yummy, I know this place! lol!
sc said…
of all the chinese stir fry noodles, this is my favourite..
HairyBerry said…
a good hokkien mee is like a night to remember. smooth, fragrant and tasty. not too wet also.
choi yen said…
My fav food all the time~~
minchow said…
Oh why do you torture me so!? I have a date for PASTA tonight, and all I want now is CHU YAU CHAR!!
Kenny Mah said…
Nothing like some good THICK and BLACK Hokkien Mee... Sinfully lardy and take a whiff of its wonderful wok hei, and we're in heaven! :D
ya must be talking bout team bsg !

For this , you gotta have the smelly chili sauce & the pig oil in crispy cubes aahhh !

wow ! you like it 2 ? bangsar Thurs is what he said....

we always prefer this one to Ai Wa

your palate is super accurate as this is the most flavorful and feels real solid between the lips...

its dark and tasty ( like someone we know );p

maybe wet and pungent may be superb , around the lips

fantastic , the ladies seem to love this so much

if we only could... we will torture you till you fall , but we were only dreaming... tho fantasies might just become true

heaven you have been , we could do with more...right at homeground in section fourteen
J said…
Bangsar Thurs? *blur*
Who said?