the lady

She's always downstairs. Waiting patiently.

She doesn't complain. None that we know of.

Her treasured memorabilias are all over the place.

She has such rich, sweet & deep memories...
...of the goode olde days

a beautiful love song has even been dedicated to her

do you hear it ? do you remember her ?

her meat is so tender , yet so firm
she has surely taken pretty good care of herself

she's in a class of her own delicate
from all da way beyond the deep blue sea

yes ! we will always remember her as

Summit USJ 2
Subang Jaya


Selba said…
Whoaaaa.... there's a background music in this blog! Cool! *singing along*
J said…
Why suddenly there's a photo of a girl in the first picture wan?
J2Kfm said…
oh this place. yeah, looks so much like Dave's Deli lah ...
the song kinda shocking. for a BSG post. hahaahh ./..
Big Boys Oven said…
hahaha since when mandy move in? a shop? wow interesting :)
Simon Seow said…
J that's Mandy Cho, HK TVB Artist and also Miss Hong Kong winner, i forgot which year.

Nice one BSG lol.
we somehow know you are a romantik

she's the beautiful girl we went to see

there's more shocks on da way !

she got lots of friends like Marilyn Monroe , Beatles , Bee Gees , BSG etc She need one more called BBO

we can depend on you for all these pretty ladies, thanks !
Rebecca Saw said…
u guys been covering the mall's outlets huh ;)
I'm thinkin of wht u said abt the templates and all, I'm serious abt makin some improvements on mahh blog hence will start work soon
Ciki said…
is this new? chick looks hot:D
HairyBerry said…
"oh mandy, well you came and you gave without taking..."

nice song for a nice meat meal and a nice girl. i wanna go find my mandy.
one of us stays nearby and always watch GSC movies here !
Changing your template/theme is quite straightforward , just that you must know what buttons to press and when( hehe ).
But be sure to back up your html codes on certain important page elements ( eg visitors counter,blogroll/other blog links,popular gadgets )to your computer harddisk via "notepad" since a new template can delete/cause a realignment or resetting of existing page elements which can take you days to re-set/reconfigure , tho not deadly .

she's sentimental, and she's da hottest !

wait 4 us !
allie said…
such a short n interesting write up :)
that background music definitely make me misunderstand that this is not a food blog.
choi yen said…
That photo is Mandy?
its also a love blog, while we were eating
lol !

yes indeed , she's Mandy !