jaguh kamPung ... at last

he's awesome !

unbeatable !

fantastic !

tongue blowing !

right fingers & 1 thumb quivering !

hearts fluttering !

everything also got one ( almost lah ) !

eat 2 believe !

plse Q !

80 nasi berlauk !
dengan ulam ulaman teristimewa tiada tandingi

Teluk Batik
a bsg gold medal winner


worldwindows said…
Humongous. Ulam will be my favourite esp the onions, tamarind, sambal, cincaluk piquant sauces.
minchow said…
The tranquil green ulam spread has my heart. Let the sambal fire my pulse!
Rebecca Saw said…
80??? wow! i'll prob be standing there unable to mk up my mind!
world windows
yes , Malay cuisine is unique in Malaysia!
Probably taking a cue from the Thais, as can be seen from their undying love for tomyam

spoken like a true blue fiery hot penangite !

well, leave the choosing to us while you errr...just eat !