high failure rate

in the backStreets of Malaysia

for example this is a backlane in a small town in Malaysia. We call it the warung , and it is one of a cluster of wooden buildings behind the shops. It faces the side , and so where is the front ?
they are always like that , unknown to people other than those who know.

never mind you can enter from an opening in between. It doesn't matter, since you are hungry and you smell belacan

The tasty food RM3 each came in plastic plates & bowls , followed by the fork & spoons. We don't think you should use your hands for this kind of dishes.

50% of the time after the food arrives , service comes to a standstill while they sit to watch TV with where did they come from ah ? friends .

...and the black & white flies omg ...must be da season. Got mosquitos also... so you have to be careful.

Its the backstreets , right ?


Selba said…
We also got a lot of warung here in Indonesia :) In fact, in front of my house is a warung.

Eh... I don't know there's flies with white color, whoaaa... interesting! hehehe.... Ah... mosquitos! Every night I have to donate my blood freely to them :(
Big Boys Oven said…
warung dining can be very intriging! just fabulous over all those chit chat!
these backstreet stalls are cheap and tasty but may be a health hazard , and with poor service

true !