Gluttons Gym

Its nice after a strenuous tummy busting workout and feeling empty...

...the hot Big Head ( from RM35 ) awaits you !


the Power Gluttons corner
can eat like hell ...after-all
you are superfit , strong & healthy

right ?

Restoran SG Kari Kepala Ikan
3K Sports Complex
Persiaran Kewajipan
Subang Jaya

rated 5 0f 10 for the fish head


Selba said…
Wow.. big picturesss!!! :)

Eh... new template?
Rebecca Saw said…
wahhh...luv the huge pics!
and the site looks darn neat too ;)
Can help me w mine???
minchow said…
5 out of 10 for the fish head only?? Looks are THAT deceiving! You guys deserve better, post workout!!
Ciki said…
looks great! that fish is jumping out at me.. sayin eat me!
worldwindows said…
Must be real good and big head for RM35. New refreshing look!
actually its a month since we changed to this theme. But now we are testing super big extra long pics !

you should check out some fresh themes under Free Blogger Templates, particularly adapted from wordpress then let us know which ones interest you. We can help you to set it up but do remember a theme change will require you to do some back up of important setups , changes to original template and links , otherwise you might need to re-start some elements from scratch altho your postings will not be affected.

we prefer their original one in Sri Gombak {SG} ( on way to Gentings )but this one may be too sporty

wrong ...
the one saying eat you is bsg
lol !

we are now experimenting with pshoppe
Selba said…
Oopssss.. sorry for being ignorant! :P

I guess I usually more into the food pictures then really looking at the template, then suddenly when the pictures become so big and clear, it got my attention, hehehe....

Nice.. nice.. nice... ;D
Big Boys Oven said…
hahahahahha you so bad, you keep on reminding me about getting to the gym lol! so more tempting me with that Fish Head! lol!
it would be nice for you to meet up with team bsg when you happen to drop by KL ( or Malaysia )
Then we can all take Big Photos !

the SS2 durians is still fresh in our minds....whenever we remember BBO
lol !