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bsg at the cinema

G.I. Joe - rise of the cobra

Set 10 years into the future, military unit G.I. Joe takes on an arms dealer below the polar ice caps
...amidst havoc from a brilliant but mad scientist

This comic book adaptation takes you to the beautiful Arctic, Paris, Moscow, Japan , Australia & the Sahara Desert and back again in mere seconds !

A heart pounding intro aka a World Warcraft air duel alone will grip your senses and is worth the price of your admission ticket so don't be late !

GI Joe HQ's stunning PIT commanded by action star "Flight of the Phoenix" Dennis Quaid ( a bsg fav actor ) & his team super slick will bring your appetite up the GSC roof !

Clever the proposal & Karate Kid flashbacks zap sentimental credence to the intricate sub-plots , leading you inch by inch to the explosive finale.

What is an action thrilla without the triangular/quadrangular love twists between the good guy ( bottom right ) , bad girl ( left ) and the Bad Guy + 1 right ? ... in-between Bombs & Bullets , flaming flares & lashing lasers , monstrous masks...

..do not be put off tho by the over-talk sidekick Wayan ( "White Chicks" ) , strangely the only odd one who couldn't take his eyes off the busty GI Jane ( pix top left )

This fun 1 hour 45 minutes blockbuster is
tighter & more cohesive than the lost in Egypt
Megan Fox (pix top left/bottom) mis-inspired
Transformer 2 .

Watch these accelerator suits go !

A tasty & delicious Star Wars , I Robot ,
, Robocop & Sky Captain fusion

3.3 stars of 5
good action & entertainment value

See it tonight at
GSC Summit USJ
( de best ! )

a bsg exclusive


sc said…
sounds good! planning to watch it this weekend (if tickets are still available :p)
Bangsar-bAbE said…
rif wants to watch this...he's been going on and on like a broken record for the past 2 weeks!
msihua said…
Awesome movie!! Much much better than the Terminator crap and Transformer bollocks... !!

Now, all together...

Cobraaaaa!!! Alalalalalala....
its a fun watch with interesting gadgets !

hopefully you 2 have watched it otherwise got trouble
lol !

right on !