DJ Duck

Behind every corner a duck is waiting.

RM7 a leg & rice
rated 5.33 of 10

probably because its a duck

beside RHB
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya


Selba said…
rated 5.33 of 10? not nice?
Rebecca Saw said…
Unka said here the wan tan mee is good..we live nearby ;) But nvr visited this shop yet! ;p
And thks for yr recom of the Cinta Ria really good! ;)
Kenny Mah said…
Oh. DJ = Damansara Jaya! I thought it was some sort of fowl clubbing treat... :P
its not easy to get good duck in KL.
either they are too bony too skinny or too fat ( or too tough )

we understand Ria is a bro/sis setup and previously with Dave's Deli

if only it was , like that inimitable Picadilly Circus those days on the other side