the culinary legend, SS2 Petaling Jaya

This is the story of the rags to riches $$$

Chinese coffee shop Towkay

and the first franchised ( in PJ ) Penang prawn noodles ( mee yoke Lim )
the standing high noodles

with the missing Towkay now back to rags

best prawn mee & chee cheong fun
SS2 Petaling Jaya

a bsg Top 3 Chinese Kopitiam
PJ/ Kuala Lumpur


HairyBerry said…
u know that it's good when it's in bsg's top 3, not 5, but 3. that's a reason to visit this place that despite all the reviews, have been visited by this black tie. sigh.
Ciki said…
Good choice.. c&c pick this too!
choi yen said…
Really the best? Then I have to try dy :)
Hazza said…
Wish I knew about this place 2 weeks ago, I would have gone and tried it!
you still have time , as long as you pull yourself out of the deep heaven downunder, and resist the evil southern teasers

c & c
great , we have the same tastes in everything ...but one

becoz SS2 very big and dense

such a pity !
Rebecca Saw said…
i agree! the CKt here is good too!