pure & cool

These little people tho high up are really down to earth.

Nothing makes them happier than to see your smiles !

Simple and straight forward their smelly durians by the roadside never fail to stop us in our tracks ...

cheap cheap ! ( dun lah say so loud ) ... and good.

different from those numbered & dreadfully
animal named clones down there ...
... with bad attitude !

got c such a magnificent view of cool & fresh green nature lately ?
can calm all your jangled nerves in an instant one ?
even as you sink into the creamy nuggetty paradise ?

where to find ah ?

the altitude drop dead gorgeous

Align Center
thorn fruits of the hill ...
... RM3 each before discounts

best before , during & after meals

Simpang Pulai Way
Cameron Highlands


this is madness, rm3 per durian b4 discount! we r so deprived of cheap & good durians here. after reading ur post, i went out searching for durians. they seel for rm16-18 PER KILO, and a medium-sized fruit is about rm30!!how to feed the family?!
Big Boys Oven said…
I dream about them last night, this morning I saw them on your blog . . . . I know, I know, I must have them today! :)
omg , that is expensive !
Time to do a boycott or switch to durian cakes for a fraction of the price !
Its the clever middle man ripping the rest of the world

we know what durians can do to those cakes ...