back sommore got

When launched some many years ago as an instant noodle , it took the country by storm.

The mee goreng was fast & simple and then only costed a few cents ( I mean more than a few ) and yes ! it was tasty !

Never mind if afterwards you become thirsty like H...

This is the al fresco backside
pork free under the trees
also popularly known as the SS2 Mamak Corner
a hit with the everyday man & women

NB : the covered front side ( the other end of the park ) is the legendary
Medan Selera SS2 PJ , a Chinaman zone

the Malaysian all-time economy power set RM2.80
1 teh tarik , 1 roti canai + 2 chicken boosters

the everywhere also got cute little main side kick RM1

indomie , the unlikely diva ( priced like power set RM2.80 )
an unimaginable instant noodle delicacy par excellente

Indomie / Ibumie / Harmee
SS2 , Petaling Jaya
night and day, everyday also got


Big Boys Oven said…
this ss2 place always gets jammed up in the evening! ;)
msihua said…
Hmmpphh.. my complicated Mie Goreng better!!! ;P

Ooh.. is the "oh chien" man still there with his towel across his shoulder? I remember him from school days!!
Selba said…
indomie is famous in msia? whoaaaaa....
minchow said…
Ahh yes the infamous halal quarters of the otherwise porcine SS2! Ya got me hankering for some instant gratification! Hey Selba, you should know that Indomie is THE instant noodle of choice everywhere! It was much coveted even when I was living in NZ! :-D
Hazza said…
Great thing at the moment is if I get hungry looking at your blog, I can just pop out and buy the food!
Its a typical Mamak place with good young Malay / Chinese/Indian crowds

really ?
we din try that ! we have brought back beautiful memories of your underaged boyfriend(s) !?

so famous it has become a national street dish

not surprising since the noodles are firm and springy and taste very good

yeah , they must be everywhere !