another taste of fuzhou

If we are in the Jalan Pudu area ( Jalan Gajah , see map ) , we will probably drop by this red building to have one or 2 more bites of the white fish balls with the dark meat stuffings.

The Big Fuzhou man will be busy squatting in the corner frying his signature tear piang ( to become an oily round soft puffy biscuit ) , if he is not busy receiving solid cash from his many affectionate oldy customers.

Like many eateries nowadays in KL , the helpers here are mostly Indon / Burmese / other Aliens(4) so you have to order your classical millennia Fuzhou delights in Bahasa Indon ( haha dun laugh ) , or if you prefer use your long fingers to point at the many red colored items displayed on the numerous newspaper cuttings on the walls or the many picture galleries with the Boss smiling broadly down at you ... heck ... even from your table.

the greenish minty hot sauce ( really from Fuzhou one ah ? )
and the RM1.20 hollow biscuit ready to dip

the star Fuzhou dishes

red rice wine chicken mee suah RM6
fish balls RM1 each


Big Boys Oven said…
hahaha i am always here to buy his frozen fish balls! so yummy!
Rebecca Saw said…
Urghh.. had the red wine mee sua 3mths flat tasting. Cant detect any wine and the chic was so dry
J2Kfm said…
becks, red wine mee sua ain't your red wine from the grape variety.

they're made from the red rice, hence no strong alcoholic taste.
Selba said…
I'm familiar with fuzhou dishes at all... Don't think there's a fuzhou restaurant around my area.

The fish balls look so good! And I'm intrigued with the red wine mee sua.
Rebecca Saw said…
@J2kfm: oops ;)!!
But tot would hv a bit of those chinese wine "aroma" and "strong" hit ya in the nose sensation? Like those chinese wine chic?
Yeah his fish balls seem to be sold everywhere !

There is a sign pasted on the wall that you can add more wine for higher kick but must pay more.Since we are on the subject of rice wines , many pungent colorless brands in China have more than 40% proof meaning they are as high as regular whisky or brandy while that red wine here is around 5 to 7 %. In any case one of us can actually brew the red rice wine , which BangsarB was lucky to have tried ! We have also mentioned to J that more are on da way...LOL !

you shud check out BangsarB's blog where she's nuts about this red wine mee sua !
Rebecca Saw said…
I see...can i order an wait patiently for it to come? Not urgent but i do think i can replicate this too..jz need a GOOD wine!