20 minute noodles

If you can wait this l. o. n. g. then you should try
his one pot to 1 bowl of goodness gracious mee !

After all these years of shifting & moving ...
tho overweight he still moves faster than lightning

...but da awful
"dun look at me can't you c I am busy "
glare never has changed ,
no... not 1 bit

the agile & silent rapper is now performing to packed houses daily
below the huge neighbor's signboard,
along this curving backstreet ( where else )

da show is still absurdly speedy with 3 pint sized
Indon starlets , one of which is just so she can
whisper the awesome chorus
"U bolih tunggu 20 minute ah ?"

to the stunned & helpless first timer ( mee virgin ? )
who will nod meekly...with a gasp that says...
errr bolih

from RM4.80

the fast mee stall
Section 15/4B
Subang Jaya
Petaling Jaya


Kenny Mah said…
I heard about 2-minute noodles but 20 minutes? Wow... It MUST taste darn good then... ;)
Rebecca Saw said…
20mins is nothin ok.. some hv to wait 45mins!
this better be good..
Indeed , when he was roaring at the Subang Carrefour side then it took him 45 minutes and you can hear him say
"if kanot wait ah , you can try that mamak down there lah ,only 1 minute..."

he is ranked by bsg as one of
Top 3 in KL/PJ
Ciki said…
food looks great! i prefer this layout. easier to find things!
UnkaLeong said…
Business declined hor when he moved? From 45 - 20 minutes di. Hehehe....
cumi ciki

infact we think now he's fatter & faster
Its great to see your face ( & body ) all over in foodosphere !