no chicks today

next time its ok if you dun try those 2 die 4 steamed white chickens
or the kick ass white flat noodles
which many people are dying 4

just watch this young & sporty handsome couple at work

their greasy plate of charred kuey teow with the scary cockles
looked & tasted just like da hazardous Penang one
& you better un-oil it with the super famous
black coffee in white cup

after all this is the looking brOken(ed) but
top notch Nam Heong of

Ipoh Old Town


HairyBerry said…
the alternative, delicious ckt not from penang plus the white coffee from ipoh. breakfast should be served this way. i like!
Big Boys Oven said…
Oh I heard about this CKT before, must drop by soon! :)
Rebecca Saw said…
wahh..young and assiduous! I like! Must support!
Selba said…
No chicks? No problem... coz' don't really care about the chicks as long as there's yummy food, hehehe...
yeah, let the grease rule ok !

quite good this couple

penang ckt also got good one in Ipoh

you also like this ah ?

then you will love bsg, for sure