wtf ! about Language

W T F ! ( wat the food )

this Malaysian rice meal is called

" nasi lemak " in Bahasa Melayu

" 咖 哩" in Chinese ( Mandarin )

"இலைத்தகரி " in Tamil ( issit ah ?) fragrant , spicy , tasty and comes with simple fried ingredients

Widely enjoyed by the 3 harmonious main "ethnic" races of Malaysia , still , the squabbling about who has the tastiest dishes or , the best language rages on

In 2002 , this handsome young guy (right) , alarmed at the declining standard of English among the youths , implemented English to teach Science & Mathematics for students in Government schools , to rounds of applause from happily jumping students (below) !

Then , just a few days ago 6 years later the also speak Engrand one Deputy PM (top left) shockingly announced this linguistic trial be withdrawn , dumping the estimated sunken misadventure costing omg ! RM4 billion
( wtf !) into the backStreets , a disgraceful admission of the abysmal failure of the Great Xperiment.and moving Malaysia back again into the Dark Ages (once more omg ) !

As usual these little innocent guinea pigs (below) in the classrooms
are the ones to feel da heat. Hello , the masks are useless lah !

And so....following this flip flop extraordinaire ...from year 1 to 6 ,
each of the Malay , Chinese or Indian kids will learn these 2 subjects
in their mother tongues...look mak , no more telibel Engrish, kan ?!

From year 6 to 10 they have to switch to Bahasa Melayu for these 2 subjects.

After that ? Who knows ...English ? Russian ? Iraqi ? why not Madagasarian ?

the Result ?

Chinese & Indian kids will become officially 3lingual while
the sorry Malay kids will end up 1lingual.

1Malaysia Bolih !

coming up soon nex...
...its a piece of cake

w t f


worldwindows said…
It is better to master 1 language then be confused by 3. We are turning into a funny lot.
Selba said…
I totally agreed with worldwindows. Now, these days in Indonesia (the big cities), it becomes a big trend that parents are trying very hard that their kids got enrolled in those bilingual or trilingual schools.
Sugar Bean said…
It's just too confusing. Can't they just stick to 1 language and 1 system instead of changing it so frequently?!
Ciki said…
your england very powderful hor?! :P
J2Kfm said…
i speak good engrand also. i belajar BM in prime and sect schools. dun pray pray ....
our leaders behave like puppets , something is puling their hands and mouths

having a good command of 2 or more languages is a great asset ! and truly it is not that difficult if the opportunity is given

its that thing called political survival, or looking for scapegoats ,or ulterior motive ( sometimes things are not what they seem !)

cumi ciki
ok we sit for a test, start with a duel then end with a duet...ok or not?

good for you . Let politics be an option for yourself in future !