we like firm & fair breasts

Many connoisseurs & afficionados have an eye for beautiful flawless legs. Especially those slim and long ones .

Beauty comes in the right curves they say.

Its such a good feeling, the joy ...da satisfaction.

In fact some would call them sticks , as in a
d r e a m
( err...we mean drum ).

Here the purveyor of the yellow and fluffy grain is still going strong with
60 or so brisk shows to packed houses in the mornings 10.30
ending about 2.30 when the last thankful patron leaves

These crunchy white curved strandy supporting cast
is also quite a hit at RM3

the fairer than fair Starlet with her *a d o r i n g* charms...
firm...pure white breast
with N spot suitably hidden by natural greens
! RM4

so mouth watering

kee kee bentong chicken rice
off LDP Highway
Section 4
Petaling Jaya


Selba said…
Totally mouth watering :D
Ciki said…
nice legs and curves and skin... the CHICKEN i mean!
worldwindows said…
There is this love affair with chicken rice that seems so connected to the Asian DNA. I prefer the 2nd cut.
you love fair meats !

thats what we meant !

we thoz chicken rice shops are super fast food and super easy for the seller as there is no cooking involved ! Just cut cut cut !