the Sitiawan chick

People know , first impressions do matter...
esp those sensuous ones with that lOOk
omg !

Look at Ipoh , famous for so many beauty Queens ! Some say its the clear underground water which makes all the crisp difference . Nature's ultimate gift ? or was it the shiny bijeh ?

Din you see how supposed-to-be sober people rave about the ... in wOw ! chin chia-pang ah ! lau nua ah !
sommor da suckkullent skin ! aiyo so fair tender !

so juicy ! must try , die oso nebermind !

ooi ! such PASSION !

here she comes many shapes & sizes. fat or thin. black ,
brown or white.
hairy or not . ( i mean feathery or not )

long curved slender neck high n low

those quickie steps

the teasing sway sideways

the name doesn't really matter , as long as it sounds like it
sometimes the taste succumbs to da dark color
leaving you speechless as " it can't be "
its not her fault ( we know )

people come to her expecting her to be fast n efficient
indeed she is !
no frills no fuss
the fulfilling job is done, on the spot !

so what if you prefer all flesh... no bones ? and feet ?
she got it ! voluptuous wholesome meat !
even can have Xquisite lemon fragrance if you like !

our favourite chick this one
town center beside KFC (traffic lights )

from her glistening skin...
slippery white thighs to her tender breassst, she really got feel

our No 1 Sitiawan Chick

along the Sitiawan-Kg Koh main road
left & right

Coming soon next , the story of
almighty KL
Kok ( left )


Rebecca Saw said…
Hehe..such a way w words u guys have!
Great post!! But can giv the address for each outlet ah?
J2Kfm said…
geez ... i dun even know one.
probably never paid attention to chinese coffee shops there.
along the Main Road to Kg Koh ( from Sitiawan traffic lights , beside KFC)
one is right opposite Court Mammoth ( boneless chickens ), the other 2 are around famous Beiking Restoran ( one on each side of main road), the last one is few shops away from KFC towards Kg Sitiawan

cannot blame you as Ipoh has much better ones !
Ciki said…
i get what you are saying.. ! Sitiawan Chick & Chicks the BEST;)
Selba said…
Not sure which one is the suitable word... yummy chick or poor chick? hehehe....
tigerfish said…
Oh, you almost place the gorgeous and the chicken side by side :O
foodbin said…
fantastic! chicks poetry-lol
adel said…
wahaha..a funny writing on chicken.actually, my mum side is from Sitiawan and I like the quaint little kampung feel town.
My grandma used to rear her group of chicken, ducks, geese even, fruit trees.
Types of Fu Zhou cuisine found in Sitiawan is really good, espeically Red Wine Chicken Soup using free range, organic chicken , made at home of course..
I miss that place..and thanks for pointing out this eatery:)
only for a night , yes?

yes to chicks !

when its dark , lonely & hungry, they gotta be the same

twas inspired by Ipoh chicks from days of old

tks for some fuzhou/Sitiawan delights, yes fizhou dishes are different but few in number
and the town is still small and like a village !