rough & sweet temptations

The place is really hot & messy. It is a classic backStreet ! Crude with broken plastic chairs and tables ! Swirling fans inside & alfresco fresh air by the front roadside !

Not one you would recommend to your suave city friends. But w t heck !

Those things are sweet...& quite alluring if you ask me...and
*c. h. e. a .p.* ( the 5 alphabets spelt magic in these days & time !)

Unimaginably crowded with rushing Gluttons , drawn by its great pulling name.
they come in Harriers , Honda Hybrids. HondaCups and bikes
...and the occasional Morris Minor

remarkably tasty fried noodles with curry (RM1.50) &
local peanut dessert (RM1.20 , one of 6 )

Drawn like ants to sugar they come

also got gandung,red bean,green bean,bobochacha ??? etc

Kedai Makanan Kuai Kuai Lai ( "come quick")
backStreet (towards Kg Koh Market )
Kg Koh , Sitiawan


Sugar Bean said…
The second photo looks interesting, like the way you arrange it! The food looks good, and RM1.50 for fried noodles is cheap!
Selba said…
kuai kuai lai... the name is so cute... quick quick come... hehehe
J2Kfm said…
hahaha ... how apt. i'll be good and go over someday ...
Michelle said…
i like the name.. hahaha nicee
minchow said…
Come quick? Actually I took the liberty of translating it to "be good good, come!" Haha! I think it works better!
This is the most popular local noodles & tung swee shop, every small town has one like that !

innocent and sweet

opposite Sitiawan Surgery side of main road, excellent noodles too ( but crude)

you will like the food too
Hot hot hot !

its a raw place but good !