the Big Bird

This place in Riana Green, off Damansara Toll Plaza (Petaling Jaya) serves massive white protein.

Even though it is not yet Christmas.

Tall & strong

and strangely , not as tough as you think

tenderloin roasted

serving for 3

any time is a good time for a turkey!

best with red wine

2005 Barossa ( Australia)
compliments of the Chef


J said…
Oh wow. Healthy and looks yummy too! :)
HairyBerry said…
big birds for a big appetite. errrm, ok, that's just me. hehe. very healthy white meat!
Selba said…
the meat looks so tendeeeerrr.. *drools*
foodbin said…
looks well roasted.
msihua said…
That serving looks more than for 3!! That's crazy!!
Ciki said…
shiok! when u invitating! :P
we were thinking to call you over

more so with the austrtalian

and yes its tender

it was softly done for some hours

actually it wasn't that heavy

cumu ciki
we were thinking of 31 July when all will be in town. Plse stby tq
J said…
Think onli? Invite lerr. :P
stby 31 July 2009 !
J said…
Yes sir. :)