underground sensation

Are you tired of all those suspicious yellow n orange "long grain rice" with hidden big bones & invisible meat , in those overpopulated overdecorated corner lots ?

The colored big rice basin like it came from the evening before or the day yester ?
& RM12 a plate ?
Got indigestion ?

Then its time to go...

...down deep !

did it come from near the Udrrar Praddesh plains or not
but not true since got so many Malaysians

then also look like a Mall Cafe
with those familiar hanging size M pixs
when the waitress got cap
& corner also got cash register

great colorful rice , only RM7.50 with size 11.6 big cock leg ( at last ! )
( finally curry gravy is in separate bowl ! hurray !)
& extra nice n fresh cucumber and long beans

briyani rice fried chicken
bsg 4.2 stars of 5

Mamak Village
LG , Summit USJ
Subang Jaya

beside MPH bookstore

highly recommended


Selba said…
Yummm.... the curry gravy sounds tempting!
Ciki said…
big cock leg?! ahem.. 1st time iv heard it being called that ! haha
minchow said…
Eeps! Sorry, big cock leg or not, this has mall food disease written all over it! Say no to mall food!
in normal hotshot briyani rice shops , they sprinkle 3 precious drops of various curries each on your rice !

cumi ciki
we are zoologists too you know
( not botanist ah )

ok dear...
tigerfish said…
The color of the biryani looks light. Was it aromatic with that biggie drumstick?
Sugar Bean said…
Is this place new? Don't think I notice this restaurant before, and just beside MPH? Haha, I'm getting outdated! Really large serving!
HairyBerry said…
McMamak! we've been waiting for this. now, we will wait for 24/7!
foodbin said…
great way to describe the chicken drumstick lol!!
It was nice and mild in taste, with traces of that minty flavor.The stick was awesome ( size )

the price is best so far for comparable briyani, and fresh

its about 6 months new

the Mamakians are coming, run !

great to chew too