the missing link

" MANY RESTAURANTS claim to have the best ribs in the land, but only Tony Roma's world famous ribs continue to rack up taste awards all over the world. Great ribs put Tony Roma's on the map, but our guests enjoy an array of flame-grilled favorites including juicy steaks, signature seafood, and tender, grilled chicken."

What we read in the Sunway Pyramid website describing one of their prized tenants ( ... only after the below meal wtH ! )

As usual the non-conforming BSGs will start from the sides ,
with an eye for other things like the glasses ( ya mean her ?) on da table

Salt & Pepper is synonymous with Western Cuisine
the svelte display or not of which we think
reflects an important attention to overall quality

da clean , neat and upright black & white trio
passed ... and with high flying colors !

the mostly friendly Filipina waitresses are efficient
but not so great at recommending specific house items
so we just tried this plain potato soup with the biscuits

Remembering some bloggers with great passion for the roadside stuffed breads,
we thoz to try & compare this humongous more than
Big Version Steak Burger

the famed gigantic onion rings & the super dry chips
weighed & wore us down badly
struggling...we even forgot there was this cup of veges on the sides
and da "steak" ? ( dun remember, think we better wait for round 2 )

the drought was repeated across the RM20 something fish n chips
with a juiceless lemon cut to boot

the view directly below (outside) of the Sunway Lagoon was decidely wet and more appetising tho its not all that bad

we will be back !
for the important thing we din know ( we think )

tony roma
Sunway Pyramid ( Sunway )
Petaling Jaya


NyonyaChef said…
The missing link ! ain't complete without the world famous "Pork Ribs"
foodbin said…
i like their grilled chicken.
minchow said…
GASP! BSG! I thought you guys disappeared! I'd just stumbled back in here today after such a long absence because somehow your blog hadn't been updated on my blogroll since one month ago! So strange!
J2Kfm said…
some hits some misses. the ribs are good, but need the sauces.
here got no pork ribs due to H1N1 virus

we missed that !

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we will try their ribs soon TQ