eat it soft , sweet & simple

This area is also called PJ New Town , to distinguish it from its older neighbours sections 1 , 2 , 3 & 4.

It is also where the Monster rising like a bad decayed tooth from a cave aptly named Menara MPPJ sleeps day & night.

Nevertheless it has some interesting coffee shops around it and infact that night teo chew duck & pork fella is a landmark when the sun sets and the office folks go home.

In the mornings and for lunch , this little quite unknown nomad seller & wife team packs a
stunning gem of a silky smooth rice noodle ala yong tau foo style in sweet sauce
called chee cheong fun.

One of the best simple & cheap
super soft n smooth rice noodle dishes
of its kind in Petaling Jaya.

a unanimous team bsg Top Choice
the corner noodle nomad
Kam Heong Coffee Shop
beside UOB Bank
PJ State (New Town )


Reanaclaire said…
hello..passing by from IPOH.. looking for food... nice to come by for information.. :)
Selba said…
I want chee cheong fun!!! *slurp*
Ciki said…
my fav also la.. ;)
foodbin said…
i like mine with curry gravy.
Rebecca Saw said…
Ahh... love all those roadstalls goodies..these looks a bit like the Pg-style no?
nice to have you here , all da way from Ipoh !

you want spicy or sweet ( KL) ?
or pungent(Penang)?

we know oredi from your early morning trysts in Ruby

ya mean with the pig skin also ?

No, that is sweet n chili sauce KL style with foochook , pig skin and fish balls and more tofu
minchow said…
This Kam Heong is a real treasure trove!! I keep thinking I've tried everything in there, and out pops this! Best!!