installing a new Blogger theme

You too can become more beautiful & sexy

Many Bloggers are keen to get a new unique theme (template/layout , in the form of XML codes ) to replace their present not nice sommore "look like other people one" boring theme on their runaway 2000 hits a day Blog but are not sure exactly how to go about it.

The few generic templates currently provided for by Blogspot are easily activated by a few clicks and widely adopted by many bloggers, resulting invariably in thousands of "look alike" Blogs in cyberspace !

If you do not intend to spend a small fortune ( worth at least 8 fine dining Dinners for 2 in Bangsar Village or issit BSC ) to engage a webmaster or bother your busy tech friends ( where got time ah ) to get the dream theme you have always fancied ( like Hannah Tan one lah ) ,
then it is worth to check out & consider these few simple steps.

As usual , for anything free ( n wonderful ) , you must not be lazy and start learning some new tricks . More importantly you must have the I want I want Glutton spirit !

Step 1 : google for blogger templates on the net . There are hundreds of them out there.
some really ravishing !

Step 2 : select the one you want , and download it from the link provided.
It usually comes in zip form and you must unzip it from a program such as winZip
( or any of the free unzipping programs , again downloaded from the net )

Step 3 : open the XML file from the "notepad" program (provided in your windows OS ),
follow download instructions and ' save as' *new template

With this 'save as' *new template ready ,
go to your Blogger Dashboard.

click Layout

click Edit HTML

As a precaution and safety measure always do a backup
of your present template/theme

here's how:
go to
"Before editing your template..." click "download full template"
which is your present template, which will be downloaded to your notepad program
then 'save as' to a folder in your computer say, #old template
you might not have to use this, but just in case...its a backup ok

This is the crucial part of replacing the
#old template XML with the *new template XML

under "Edit Template"

1. 'Select all' and delete the 'old' codes in the table /box
2. copy the new XML codes from the *new template file ,
which must then be inserted into this table


enjoy your new better than her now theme !
caution : we strongly advise you to set up another new Blogger Blog (account)
and practise/test with installing new themes to familiarise yourself

Follow the above instructions ( or ask team bsg if not sure )
& see the new themes
in action in your Practice Blog

when you are confident enough, take that groundbreaking plunge !
Go for it ! Life will never be the same again

~ Good luck ~

NB: you must have a basic knowledge of Windows XP / Vista to effect the above

the beautiful new look , at last


Sugar Bean said…
Hehe, thanks for the guide! It'll definitely be useful since I'm a total computer noob. Changed template not too long ago and that's a lot of work!
Ciki said…
wow, more tips.. thx guys.. now if only i can find some spare time to start on it! hhehe
wmw said… your "illustration" pics of the Blogger's beautiful new look at the end!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wow, you are right, your BSG is looking hotter and hotter these days. Nice nips and tucks here and there. ;)
you must try it. Its not difficult & exciting when the new you appears...
what an achievement !

cumi ciki
you dun go marathon one day everything will be up , and running !

dun we just love excitng women...

tks and yes we are now trying to go deep into PShop cs4
minchow said…
Looks and sounds simple enough!!! But I'm too hungover to attempt anything cosmetic right now... :-P thanks though!!
when you are free !
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Anonymous said…
nice, i just added even more bran-new emo backgrounds in my blog