the impossible one

The King is now in full bloom ! with mean upright pricks jutting up

We remembered the previous pain & were reluctant
but still, just had to try

who knows things might be different this time around

After all it was called Double 8 and came all da way from t(horny) Pahang
It looked so rugged , damn solid and had such a sweet pungent smell...
just as a proud Royal should be

even the battle scarred seasoned wrinkles were impressive !
and the all important obscene color , vibrant & fantastic omg !
RM5 a kg

but ...we lost
...yet again , 4 the umpteenth time

for taste matters...a lot , right ?
where art thou honey ?
playing tricks again huh ?


Big Boys Oven said…
now ,now it is not fair just introduce us such an awesome DURIAN, shall we meet up for a durian fiesta? :)
My Taste Heaven said…
This year we have a lot of good durians from our Balik Pulau, Pinang and they were pretty cheap !
Selba said…
Wooohooo... durian!!!
thank you ! we shall make contact soon
the one is SS2 PJ is going for RM9.90 per person , unlimited stuffing

taste heaven
glad to see you here ! People say Penang's ang hare version is da best !

surprisingly we haven't come across reviews of Indon durians ? maybe you shud ( or have you already !)
J said…
Smeellllllyyyyy..... :(
worldwindows said…
Its a love hate relationship.
Big Boys Oven said…
hahahha I can't wait! we must drag Chin(worldwindow) with us on this salivating RM9.90 unlimited durians!
Ciki said…
excellent shots of 'the king' and i love your new layout look;)
ling239 said…
88 ?
me still stuck at D24 leh.... >.<"
RM5/kg is very cheap leh, where to get ? me want too !! ^O^