I am long john

I am often out on unknown journeys , and to have it with me all the time gives me a great sense of security on top of pungent familiarity.

Who knows what lies dangerously yonder , when the urge strikes hard and great standing effort is needed once again to discharge meself honorably.

You cannot depend on those roundables who are more interested in standing infront of da mirrors on deck, peering into the sky

phew ! such a solid arm-length chunk of me-hard but soft armour

juices inside ready to explode when the

gnawing bite comes to deepening shove

find me at pasar malams , ok-O when I yam
not chasing them Frenchie lobsterinas

just call me roti john


Selba said…
I want.. I want.... don't think I've long john before... but I know guys named John and they look long! LOL
Ciki said…
ROFL.. roti john also u can make sound so hardkor.. farnee la u.. :P
k.t.x said…
i thought u took a break and blogs something on stretchable thermal garments..hehe.
We are so glad you like him !
We are sure he'll be mighty pleased !

thank you , just wait for the other johnny(s) to turn up then you know

yessir its stretchable certain times, and pulsating hot !
Michelle said…
hahaha i just love ur metaphors..
u guys are still soo good doing this.. never get bored ya..
when can we get roti bsg? *ahem*
msihua said…
I just came across this blog... and.. Lols... For a moment there I thought I'd stumble onto something more... not .. err.. food like!

Well done!
you sure 0o0not ! we are here...still waiting !

TQ we are gluttons afterall...
welcome to KL