her Hainanese kitchen

Memories of Old Malacca with its fascinating Chinese & European heritage continue to haunt us.

We can't forget those young exotic Portugese beach maidens & mysterious sarung clad Nyonyas.

Most Charming ...

...and the legendary Princess with her epic band of playful bodyguards

suddenly...many worlds' away...

out of the Hakka infested and messy concrete jungle
shines the promise of famous Malacca/Hainanese specialties
in a tight little intermediate lot kopitiam styled

here in humid , over-crowded & traffic chocked
Sunway Mas Petaling Jaya

some of the pretty Malacca (-1 ) favorites
in cute white plates and bowls

the teasingly familiar Hainanese steamed chickens
6 of 10

the inevitable golf ball look alikes
5.8 of 10

house specialty
thin flat omelette
6.5 of 10

Align Centerotak otak ( 2x fish brain ) in rectangular cube
6 of 10

Hainanese curry mutton on ebony
7.1 of 10

house exotika Hainanese mutton soup
...certainly a strange herbal brew indeed
4.8 of 10

A reasonable RM50 plus for all of the above for 3 , with drinks.

some hits a few misses

my kitchen
Sunway Mas
near Aman Suria
( beside Taman Mayang )
Petaling Jaya


Selba said…
Everything looks so yummy! Make me so hungry in the morning...
J said…
No porky dishes there?.....
J2Kfm said…
passed by this outlet in the evening, and tempted as most other outlets were closed.

but this one rather lengang la ...
not so sure. but the curry mutton looks OK.
msihua said…
I used to go eat Hainanese Chicken rice in Seaview... it was a corner shop... not too sure if it's still there...
Rebecca Saw said…
i'm carving nyonya badly.. but this one looks more misses?
Malacca/Hainanese cuisine has some of the most flavorful dishes and as it includes Nyonya spices

its halal according to the label on the wall

its not outstanding but efficient and fast

there are the usual nasi lemak and other single Mlaysian noodle favourites here too

it looks decent and inexpensive so you have to try !
worldwindows said…
Much hype but must have.
try you must !