colored seaview

Lumut in Perak has abundant food !

Not only green hills and the blue sea

There are easily 30 Malay warungs /restaurants & 4 major Mamak eateries here too , all in a little town with only a few short streets !
the neat & tidy view usually stuns the first time traveller to the place as the magnificent Lumut Waterfront overwhelms him .
and you would be surprised at this hidden restaurant right beside the Lumut jetty !

very good crowd on a weekend

and good but not cheap colorful nasi briyani RM8.50

but heck got such a beautiful windy seaview

restoran jeti Lumut


Rebecca Saw said…
ahh..lumut..i think there's tis place called Capri?
Big Boys Oven said…
nice place, must be expensively build?
choi yen said…
Got fountain somemore sure expensive lah ur nasi briyani :P
Michelle said…
hmm.. i never been to lumut..
yeahh mimid3vils is right..
ought to pay for the food plus the VIEW too.. ahahhah
Selba said…
I want to try the nasi briyani!

uhmm... lumut is the green things on wet walls, right? what is lumut in english?
msihua said…
Ooh... where is Lumut? I am a bad Msian.. ahahah
msihua said…
OMG... I'm also blind.. It's Perak!! Sighness.. I blame old age...
capri is around the corner, nearer the Orient Star Hotel, an expensive looking probably out of place western setup

Infact we thought it was extravagant and unneccessary ! But it appears to suffer from the famous after build Malaysian maintenance problem especially on the other wing

actually the fountain is part of the waterfront. Briyani is usually expensive maybe because the name itself is worth at least RM3 !

let us know if you are coming. We will send Mr Pangkor to see you

Lumut is 'moss' in English and it is the jumping off point to beach tourist destination Pangkor Island

good , now you know ! You are still quite young but if you dun come to Lumut soon , the town will become much older
Ciki said…
who does not like colorful nasi? .. i love!