a ferry ride to Prai

Many of you may not have heard of Prai, the once upon a time Taiwanese industrial powerhouse ( think Acer ) of Malaysia.

It borders Butterworth and most visitors cannot tell the difference between the 2 since both have excellent Chinese restaurants and both are only a 25 min ferry ride away from Penang.

Yes indeed , the xquisite sea service is still alive and ferrying !

Next time on the way to Georgetown for the Penang Road cendul or the Ayer Itam laksa , dump the crazy Bridge and take the sentimental ferry , from Butterworth !

Or at least do that on the return leg , when you are "Penang chiak" bloated !

the Penang ferry service , approaching the Butterworth terminal

while you have admired the extra old ferry terminal
and the strange place , ask the locals for directions
to the best Hokkian-Teochew restaurants


like us , hop on over to this big & famous
Western Oriental "heritage" food site ( last time oldy cinema )
in goode olde Chai Leng Park, Prai

honey fish fillet RM10
lamp chop RM20
and assam laksa RM2.50

Here they are also specialist caterers for Weddings .

Everything is cheap and the people are so friendly ( if you can speak Hokkian lah )

Having your next Wedding Feast here may also be a wonderful idea :- )

Remember , on your next food trail ...go to Butterworth first before you go to Penang.

It could be the best thing to happen to you ...
...in a long decade !


Sugar Bean said…
Like the way you arrange the photos. :) Prai, is it Seberang Prai? Sorry if I'm wrong, I'm not really familiar with Penang and areas out of KL.
Ciki said…
Cheap n good.. But make sure u cn speak, so i bring u guys nexttime la rite? Haha
Prai is about the same as Butterworth and famous for its traditional Hokkian dishes. Seberang Prai is also loosely used tho it is more of the district

cumi ciki
ok , here we come for your 2nd wedding feast !
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