no seafood today please

the time has come

forever no more

plunge like this

common ! guys & gals ...

its time to kick ass !

..he missed his Seafood Dinner

...& paid with his life ...

would you ? could you ?

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minchow said…
Death is apparently kosher politics now! All the freshest seafood hauled from the Malaccan straits can't rescue me from this foul ditch that is this regime we have accepted and lived with for far too long!
Selba said…
Huh? me... so blur leh...
there will always come a time when Hell breaks loose and we think its very near

cumi ciki
we are feeling helpless and troubled

this has to do with the death from falling off from the 14th floor a few days ago in KL of a political witness at the hands of his interrogators under mysterious circumstances which sparked widespread anxiety among the population , and could possibly be twisted to become a hot racial issue...