white chicks

Just mention that and potent men will explode into a wild frenzy of surging feel-good appetite !

Pulsating !

Overwhelming highest expectations !

It is , after all... the most lusted flesh in da world.

Color is not everything...but then it is white

Seriously even the great Colonel Saunders flipped flopped when it came to this. Notwithstanding the incredible 28 secret herbs , it still wasn't white enough. And so it was erroneously fried golden.

Kwik ! gimme the chicks !

God knows how very hard he tried , this Kam Kee Chinaman fella smack in Chinatown KL along Jalan Sultan, a foot's run across from "world famous :D" Petaling Street. No, we don't mean this one.

But at least he got it real white as can be , tho it wasn't yet there , all RM5 something of rice & a foot plus even one meat-ball in soup ( imagine).
Over at the other backstreet , lady old timer Meng Kee in Tengkat Tongshin , KL ( adjacent to Jalan Imbi ) with the ultra famous love-hate super charred oily reds is still at work , even after all these years...

Some white chicks also she got , on the right hand side you know. RM10 with some compulsory reds thrown in & with da yellow rice ( halo wrong color dey ).

Its not bad we know but how can !

Turn into this front corner...from the back
yes man , do you see the absolutely gorgeous juicy whites , dripping... ?

Where smart tanned beardy Middle Eastern & white connoisseurs hang around after the sensuous reflexology release nearby down the road. Cool thighs plus fragrant rice RM9.35 .

Hailam BB Chicken Rice, Jln Bulit Bintang
halal and surprisingly our no 1 white chick !

Authentic ...down to the ginger vinegar chillies ( with seeds...)

The real...

White Chicks
kuala lumpur


Ciki said…
white chicks was hilarious.. but give me the other smooth yummie white chicken anyday!
Sugar Bean said…
Ooo, sounds really good. In Jalan Bukit Bintang? Doesn't look to hard to find. Hehe, will keep this in mind.

Haha, reminded me how funny the movie was. Watched a few times but still laughing over it.
NyonyaChef said…
White chicks,...where's the black one ?
Michelle said…
i like tat movie.. hehehe
oh well.. authentic "white chicks" only nice to eat.. with authentic hainanese rice balls..
i don quite fancy those nam heong kind.. piles of msg n pricey... too commercial i feel.. hmmmm
wmw said…
White Chicks was silly fun...but when it comes to the food, only non bloody white chicks for me please, heheh...
worldwindows said…
Coming from Ipoh I am bias towards pak kai.
cumi ciki
actually we love a tanned chick too, the one with the extra big appetite
lol !

that movie was fun , especially the tough muscle man who fell for him !

black is just behind the white one

there are many unrated white chicks good enough to bite even on its own , but Klang chicks not so famous right ? exept for a few designer runaways, maybe

welcome back , meticulous meat connoisseur...

pak kai is so damn difficult to do the entire Malay & Indian cuisines gave up on it , so they do orangee & dark darker versions
Rebecca Saw said…
funnily, the chic rice shop and this BB plz does serves decent chicks ;)
sigh..what happened to the kopitiams..
the good thing about mis-consistency !