just a bread & a cup of tea

The white bread with patches of burnt spots (toasted pancake) is made by a trademark double hands swinging , re-folding & re-grilling of each of the basketful of round wheat dough over a hot oily plate. Some people believe the more black the metal plate the better the bread will taste.

It is usually enjoyed with a choice of hot & spicy curries of various flavors and goes well with a cup of caffeine laden teh tarik ( tea) or black coffee.

Over the years , this affordable snack has evolved into a cult culture ( of lepaking or "wasting time" ) where idle people indulge in just sitting & chit chatting in 24-hour Mamak ( Indian Muslim ) shops over , well , a glass or 2 of teh tarik and a sardin , banana , onion, garlic, egg , bombed , or whatever roti ... till the cows come home...usually around 5.30 am

Its seemingly "pulled " price provides an accurate pulse of the state of the Economy, we think and who some of the "now we know why you are rich" come from

So how is Kuala Lumpur ( or Malaysia ) doing ?

Read on for some shocks & bounces...

This stall in Lorong Kayu Ara 3 , Lucky Gardens , Bangsar ( also famous for its nasi campur and fish head curry ) is shockingly cheap for its bread and you are expected to slam in at least 2 ( regular size ) in one sitting !

Why , at RM0.50 for a roti canai and RM0.50 for a cup of teh tarik , there's none like them here in the Klang Valley ! !

Taste tho is average so dun get too excited...but still

This well-connected hot shot nasi kandar chain Kayu ("wood") in SS2 Petaling Jaya serves average fare with RM1.00 for a roti and RM1.60 ( expensive!) for a slightly bigger cup of teh tarik, probably drawing on its newly acquired international flavors , and its team of Maharajah looking waiters , presumably from the sub-Continent

We love the roti canai here in this Chinaman enclave of PJ , tasty and fresh and surely cannot lose people one. SS2 Pelita Nasi Kandar (near Mcdonalds SS2).

At RM0.90. for a delightful roti canai & RM 1.40 for a swanky kopi tarik , it seems to be positioned smack in da middle of nowhere.

The always crowded Living Legend ( Raju, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya ) and the winner of famous local Food Portal Friedchillies' inaugural award for Best Roti Canai Klang Valley, 2009.

The stand-up fluffy light as a feather roti sitting on a banana leaf is super fresh and was still rising as we sank our teeth into the tasty bread, followed by a mild sonic boom.

3 distinctive curry gravies claimed to be cholesterol minimal are provided in a shining 3 in 1 metallic pot to complete your best-in-da-world Xperience..

At a hefty RM1.20 for the roti and RM1.50 for the teh tarik (total RM2.70) , it is our non-air cond premium ranked price/profit roti canai connoisseur par extraordinaire in Malaysia , without a doubt

Where got no money ! What recession ?

Eat lah & be merry ! shall we ?


k.t.x said…
sometimes, these people has no pride in what they dish, preferring to cut throat for short term gains. i m so lost touch with the standard prices of pulltea and roti,this forms a good reference point, but then again...it's too variable. hehe.
Kenny Mah said…
Price does matter but taste more so for us Malaysians! ;)

I like the SS2 one... :)
Selba said…
I had roti canai for b'fast when I was in Msia! Yummmm... wonderful!
ck lam said…
Try out the ones in Transfer Road in Penang...breakfast till late morning.
HairyBerry said…
in the midst of branded kopis and tehs, come a tastier alternative that is able to cure even the hangest of hangovers. maggi goreng, teh tarik and yes, roti canai banjir. supper/breakfast/anytime. my favourite is the one just in front of my house, can walk home safely after 3 am in the morning...hehehe...
Simon Seow said…
OMG. I thought 50 sen roti canai has extinct.
choi yen said…
Haha, u write abt roti canai too!!! ;)
price and size do defer , as is performance
lol !

sometimes freshness is everything
as are lots of other things (love)

nex time we bring you to the best
, not bluffing one

TQ, we shall remember nex time in Pg

3am? not scared those wild girls ah ?

still got thk God...

we write about many things, even those cannot be written one
lol !
Ciki said…
i know what i need for tea.. ROTI CANAI!
cumi ciki
we too ! coming...
Rebecca Saw said…
I'm addicted to roti canai..at least once a week is a must fr me!
yups Pelita serves better ones than kayu for the high end chains, while the road sides ones are still best ;)
My fav at Can sow lin jln dua, wisma central ampang and.... RM.50 for roti canai in BANGSAR??
yeah , its unbelieavable but true
RM1 for roti canai plus teh tarik