the old man... holding on

Occassionally while shopping in Carrefour Subang or taking a KTM ride to KL Sentral & then switching to the LRT to meet up in KLCC , we always make it a point to drop by Subang Parade, for old time's sake.

Nostalgia indeed , even tho it has now taken on a cool hip look , just to keep up with all those new kids in town !

But nowadays you will certainly meet many unabashed aged Uncles here & there , for they are really proud of themselves , or issit their goode olde wrinkles of wisdom ? In fact they always proudly show off from which obscure kampung they came from and how very old they really are !

So... does age really matter ? Or rock solid experience is what you came here for ?

Not us , we couldn't help it , those youngies round the curb din look too impressive and yes , we were in no mood to try strange things. And oops , we did it again.

So did many other people. Seems he is that popular here in da Parade.

His signature laksa was quite impressive , and is a clever mix of the normal Penang assam laksa with KL's curry laksa although some will say that it is Johore laksa. Looks striking and tastes {blady} good. RM8.30

We were also keen to re-sample the Old Master's original secret recipe of the ever popular Malay styled nasi lemak vis a vis the onslaught of the many fighting versions from the other up & coming reborn oldies like Papa Rich , Old Town White Coffee , Uncle John , even Madam Lim ( omg ! ) etc etc and are satisfied that he is still in a league of his own.... This sensuous heavyweight goes for RM8.90

Not bad these oldies in da Malls we must say...

Uncle Lim
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya


Sugar Bean said…
Wow, the nasi lemak seriously looks good. I hardly visit Subang Parade now, is there any other outlets of Uncle Lim in KL and Selangor?
Ciki said…
looks lk penang + KL laksa but is johor laksa?! wa... kill 3birds with one stone ar.. must try! :D
Anonymous said…
ah!so good to see the review on this cafe here..I visited their branch in 1 U twice for Assam Laksa..
The standard varied for both times, 1st time was good, second time was sloppy..nonetheless, I like the aircon and clean environment to savour hot hot hawker food when I'm in M'sia :)
worldwindows said…
The Ikano one is consistent. No complains but a bit cramp.
foodbin said…
i like their nasi lemak with a cup of coffee.
What we know is that they are in many Malls in PJ such as Ikano Power Center, Sunway Pyramid and possibly many more in town.

cumi ciki
must , must mesti !

welcome to bsg , and yes its always a problem for cafes to maintain their consistency across branches , except those super-pros like Mcdonalds, or iisit their small simple menu

aren't all oldies nice and proper ?

so far we rate their nasi lemak higher than old town white coffee and papa rich
Rebecca Saw said…
yes, definitely better than old town, papa rich and even nasi lemak antarabangsa!
yes , they seem to be a scale higher !