nasi lemak east

The quieter-than-your-mother-in-law full-of-fantastic-sambals
East Coast states have their own versions of popular dishes, no less hot and spicy nor less flavorful than their proud Western counterparts .

Other than the Blue Wonder , another distinctive brown rice dish stands out and is common here as ...the mother-of-all-rice nasi lemak .

But with a fishy twist and a sourish twang. A mixture of Thai and glutinous rice is used to good effect , together with the we-must-have-you-babe-or-we-die coconut milk solidly embedded.

Another abnormal dark item is used which is the normally black & hard-as-wood ikan kayu/ikan tonkol or tunafish as we know it, topped with sourish vegetable pickles called acar..

And so after a magical wand of the tender feminine hands ,

out pops the rice

firm and flavorful , the speckled rice , is also known

as nasi dagang or "traders rice"

( in honor of the women traders peddling this exotika)

the completed sensation for your eating pleasure

nasi dagang
some shops here & there , from RM1


NyonyaChef said…
Nasi dagang at RM 1+ ? Tapau 1 back, exchange for a frankfurter..?
worldwindows said…
I would love to make the 3rd round east coast trip again.
PureGlutton said…
I luv nasi dagang with gulai ikan tongkol! Always eat that on my diving trips in the East Coast!
k.t.x said…
nasi dagang is so cool. one of my fav...

and lucky u did not do another standard nasilemak entry..... otherwise, i would whack yr backside. lol.
choi yen said…
Always wonder what is the different between nasi dagang, nasi kandar, nasi briyani etc....???/
4X3 pkts are on da way, the ladies ?

the East Coast is our top Malay Cuisine Mecca and Beach Paradise

TQ for sharing your sentimental East Coast thozs and yes , we have great memories of the gigantic Gear Box in da straw , keropok lekor , Kenyir Lake & its toman fish and those colored rice !...the long narrow winding road is exilerating too !

sorry and tks Bruder. One golden beer coming up

we are glad you asked.nasi kandar is Indian economy rice with the beef , nasi briyani is specially fried colorful elongated rice embedded with some meats and/or with the same nasi kandar dishes while nasi dagang is east coast Malay brown fragrant rice with Malay curry. when baby comes we can show you more !
Rebecca Saw said…
nasi dagang & nasi kerabu! best at pasar malams!! ohh.. now me craving for some...darn..
Kenny Mah said…
That's a great picture of that young girl and her great smile! :)
J2Kfm said…
haha ... i am so gonna binge on them come this wkend!
Ciki said…
wa.. looks like nasi lemak posts day! however im sure urs was cheaper than mine! LOL
Jason said…
RM1 nasi dagang!?? No kidding!?
tigerfish said…
For a while, I thought the coconut rice was made using brown rice? Is it?
you are right there ! Especially Malay area pasar malams

we love shots of those happy people, happier still to be shot at

many Chinese dun like colored rice, quite typical of their "not my type" mentality , which is such a pity

cumi ciki
where we go and eat is usually behind where you eat so its far cheaper ( tho may not be much badder )

of course price is relative and RM1 is King ! and its still alive !

it isn't coconut rice but rather browny thai rice with glutinous rice and sweet curry with your fav tuna fish as main draw then sprayed with those brown grated coconut bits and more (tiger)fish
HairyBerry said…
from clitoria to exxotika, we love our rice, wet with spiced sauces that defines not west or east coast, but the true taste of deliciousness. when they nasi lemak is the ultimate, they must meet the friends oso.